Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Year Anniversary with Alex

Very late post. We celebrated our first year anniversary at Manila Ocean Park last December 18, 2011. Even though some of the plans were messed up because he was not feeling well its still okay at least I spent my time whole day with him.

First stop, we went at SM Manila to get a haircut and eat early breakfast. I was planning to buy shoes but got lazy after. LOL. Second stop, Manila Ocean Park it was so happy because its my very first time to be here. Some of the comment said that its BITIN but I don't care. I want to see all of the sea creatures. Hihi. Some of the people in the park are kinda not civilized, want to know why? There are certain rules in the park that they do not follow. For example do not use flash camera because it will diatract the fishes but still others are stubborn and educated. Grrr. And then second they are taping the aquarium to make the fish moves. "sarap sawayin"

Anyway, he got sick and I took care of him the whole night that why when I got back to work on Monday, I'm so tired and sleepy. Good thing there's a free coffee in the pantry. Hihi.



Axel said...

Aww, late post nga toh baby.. hehehe.. sorry naman at napuyat ka dahil sakin..

Situs berita teknologi said...

I hope you will always happy with your wedding.

Majalah tips dan informasi terbaik said...

Your love will survive for a thousand years more..long lasting and keep on lovin each other :)

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