Wednesday, January 30, 2008

all about sleep disorders

having hard time to sleep at night? do you wake up feeling tired and exhausted? or feeling sleepy during the day even if you sleep enough? maybe you might have sleep disorders.

here are some informations about sleep disorders that you need to know.
  • Insomnia - experience difficulty falling asleep and wake up to early.
  • Nocturnal Enuresis - bed wetting
  • Hypersomnia - excessive sleep (day or night). It is also related to Psychologic problems, CNS damage and metabolic disorders.
  • Sleep Apnea - characterized by episodes of stopped breathing during sleep.
  • Bruxism - teeth grinding and clenching during sleep.
  • Restless leg syndrome (RLS) - characterized by an uncomfortable sensation, usually in the legs, that occurs primarily at night and when a person is relaxed.
  • Narcolepsy - "sleep attack." Can cause a person to suddenly fall asleep during the day.
  • Soliloquy - sleep talking.
  • Night terrors - common in children.
  • Nocturnal Erection - wet dreams.
  • Somnambolism - sleep walking.
always have a sleep diary to help you identify what sleep disorders you have and make you easier to discuss it if you decide to see a doctor. a sleep diary should record all sleep-related pattern, includes:
  1. time when you went to bed and wake up.
  2. how many hours and how well you sleep.
  3. any awakening during night and why?
  4. feelings and moods before sleeping.
  5. what before bed-activities you did?
  6. how you felt during the day? i.e. drowsiness, fatigue etc.
  7. any naps you took during the day?
  8. drugs, medications you took before going to bed.
  9. types and amount of food taken before going to bed.

TREATMENT: to follow...


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Sleep Disorders
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Ang saya ko kasi nakilala ko itong mga tao ng magsimula ulit ako sa aking pagbblog.

xienah, igno, lunes, docmnel, ferbert, mariano, holykamote, noime, ayiene, ced, sam at loud.

thank you sa pag welcome sakin sa mundo ng blogosperyo. mwuah. i love you all.

Monday, January 28, 2008

joke time

majho: ano english sa nunal?
dakilang tambay: mole.
majho: tama! e ano naman english sa malaking nunal?
dakilang tambay: hindi ko alam e. ano?
majho: e d mole of asia!
dakilang tambay: achecheche..
both: hahahahaha!


meme # 1

It'is my first time to join this Meme.

Thank you sis Deanne for tagging me.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Olin

Last January 25, 2008 we went to Olin's First Birthday Party @ Hardin de San Antonio, Brgy. 4 Tanza, Cavite. Olin is so cute in her dress and she knows how to get and hold the gifts. So cute. I super loved the venue and the foods are so yummy. I love the balloons that are placed in the chandelier and tables. I also loved the motif green and pink.

Also I saw
Pag-ibig. who's pag-ibig? it's Ate Kathy and Jonah's cousin. haha!

Jonah, as a frustrated photographer, have Ate Kathy's Nikon D40 camera and she is in charged of taking pictures. hihi

I was touched by Kuya Amiel's (Olin's dad) and Ate Kathy's (Olin's mom) message to their unica iha, Olin.

I love the cotton candy and ice cream cart! haha!

Thanks ate Kathy, mommy Chie and Jonah for inviting us.

For Olin

Happy Birthday to our cute little angel,
I wish you a wonderful life filled with love and happiness and a good health. Have a great Birthday with many more to come filled with family, friends and much fun and love, again Happy Birthday our dear Olin.

Project Lafftrip Laffapalooza

sinabi sakin ni igno na may pacontest si Badoodles tungkol sa paghahanap ng mga nakakaaliw na mga blog. at wag ka, may papremyo din na matatanggap katulad ng Nokia N70 Music Edition, Sony Cybershot Digital Camera, o halagang 15,000 pesos. naku parang mas gusto ko ang 15, 000 pesos. haha! syempre sasali ako.

umpisahan ko na nga:

number one: BatJay - sobrang idol ko talaga siya, bumili pa nga ako ng libro nya un Kwentong Tambay at sobrang enjoy talaga siyang basahin.

number two: xienah - idol ko yan sobra. makulit, masaya ang mga kwento nya. mabenta lahat ng entry nya, tingnan mo naman kung ilan ang mga comments nya.

number three: igno - bolero, sabi nya maganda daw ngipin ko. totoo ba yun? haha! makulit at kwento nila ni peachy ang laging entry. haha! apir tayo!

number four: mariano - love ko yung mga pictures nya, lalo na yung mga langgam. ang kukulit! ahaha!

number five: holy kamote - ang kulit ng kulay ng layout nya, ang sarap kainin. haha! makulit din, madaming tanong at madaya yan, hindi ako pinagtimpla ng milong mainit! haha!

actually marami pa ako gusto iboto. pero hanggang 5 lang! haha! bakit sila ang binoto ko? wala ka na dun. haha..

pero eto lang..
ang wish ko, sana sana! manalo ako sa raffle! hahaha! =)

Please vote for me

Last night i got this messsage from talksmart that i was nominated for their contest "93rd Filipino Blog of the Week." I was so suprised because I'm still a newbie here. But i'm so happy because I it's nice to be noticed for doing something you really love to do - writing. So for my fellow blogger, please vote for me!

kindly click here

Many thanks. I love you all! mwuah!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


ang sarap kaya nito, lalo na pag malamig. pag wala ka makain sige pitas lang sa may bakuran at ayun may pagkain na ako.

sa aking pagkakaalala ang sabi sakin ng teacher ko ang PAPAYA daw ay nakakapagpababa ng sexual desire.. oo yun nga.. nakakababa talaga siya. kya nga ang mga pari yun lagi ang kinakain e.

uso rin ang papaya soap as whitening soap, sobrang benta nila. ang dami na ngang nagsulputan na mga sabon ngayon. iba ibang klase.

at eto matindi, may papaya dance na din. pinauso ni pareng edu manzano. halos lahat ng tao alam tong sayaw na to.

sige sayaw. kunwari ka pa. haha!

how lack of sleep can affect your health

It's time for me to go to bed last night, but i cannot sleep, maybe because I'm enjoying and too busy editing my blog. But when I wake up I notice that I had pain like headache and too tired of doing things that I'm used too. I cannot function well. I always get irritated. Staying up late is easy for me when i am still a student. but now, it causes me some problems especially health problems.

As we all know, sleep is one of the important considerations for all of us. It makes us feel relax and restore our energy and system. But because of the many distractions today, our natural sleep pattern is changed.

People are now too busy, they work overtime, they always go to bars for their social life. As i know, the average sleep pattern of a person is 8 -10 hours, but nowadays people sleep less than 8 hours or worse they don't sleep.

FYI: Did you know that lack of sleep can caused you to accidents? Because it causes your cognitive function to slow. It also causes you to gain weight, experience lack of concentration and forgetfulness.

To prevent all of these, try to take a short nap. Some studies shows that taking a short nap restores energy and cognitive functions. Take a vacation, relax, maintain a regular sleeping schedule, avoid caffeine, avoid strenuous exercise after dinner, put all the things that distracts you, avoid television at bedtime and lastly for peace of mind try reading a verse from the Bible or pray.

Enjoy sleeping!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my gift for olin's first birthday

here's my gift for olin's first birthday, a photo album because ate kathy loves to take pictures of olin. it's simple, but i hope ate kathy will like it. for olin, my wish for you is good health and happy life. i'm excited for her first birthday party.

moa adventure with macy and cj

sobrang namiss ko tong dalawa na toh.. sobrang yaya talaga si cj
sakin na sumama kasi gusto nila ako makita..*swit db*

syempre mga adik sa pictures, hahaha.. lahat ng angulo kinuhanan.. pero cute naman ahh..

mukhang model kaming tatlo ng MOA (mall of asia)

sobrang enjoy ako kasama sila. kwentuhan, picturan, nangttrip.. hahaha! sana maulit ulit toh!

macyness, salamat sa starbucks!sa uulitin..
emm,ung pics natin!wahahahahaha..
sa bangs ko, grabe ayaw mo makisama sa gala ko,,hahaha!pasaway..

sa inyong dalawa..sobrang happy ako at nakasama ko kau!=)

loveyou mwah!


hay naku sobrang nasstress na ako.
kailangan ko makahanap ng trabaho.
sawang sawa na ako dito sa bahay.
sawa na akong tagalinis, tagawalis at taga-ayos ng bahay.
gusto ko nang magtrabaho.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


i'm so sad because i was rejected by PPP because my blog is new.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

resumes anyone?

im currently trying to make a resume, because i was pressured by mom's kakulitan. i was browsing in the internet for a resume creator, and i was impressed by the amazing resume creator, it offers an easier way to make a resume and get the dream job that you wanted. it can save your time, money and stress. i think i should get one for myself.

what time is it?

well i got this clock from WORLDTIMESERVER.COM it's the official time here in the Philippines. In this website also, you can get the current temperature and weather conditions around the world

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


HAY, new year, new me 2008. sana lahat ng hinihiling ko matupad.